2017 Constitutional Amendments

Vote on Constitutional Amendments

As presented at the AGM on April 1st, 2017, the board of directors of the EOTB has proposed a number of amendments to the EOTB constitution and has settled on an electronic vote as the most effective way of allowing club members to review the proposed amendments and to express their opinion on them.

The voting form will appear directly below this paragraph if you are logged into the site. You must be logged in to vote. If you are not logged in, please click the word LOGIN in the menu above this post and below club logo. If you encounter problems, please email the board of directors and we’ll help you get this sorted out. If you can see the voting options, you are logged in and good to go!

Only registered members of the EOTB may vote on these constitutional amendments. Please login to access this form.

Summary of the proposed amendments

There are amendments in three major areas:

  1. Elimination of club chapters: Chapters were created when the EOTB and the KAOS (the Kingston Area Offroad Society) merged in 2005. We are proposing that chapters be eliminated because the chapter concept has not been used at all in the last several years and terms and conditions around chapters complicate the constitution, voting procedures, and a few other aspects of club management.
  2. Increase of financial limits: The current constitution requires that the board of directors notify members of any spending expenditure of more than $100 and seek approval of the membership for any spending expenditure in excess of $500. The board proposes that these limits be increased to $250 and $1000, respectively.
  3. Miscellaneous editorial and minor practical changes: In combing through the constitution to figure out how to best make the above changes, we noted places where wording was ambiguous or vague or incomplete; we’ve proposed changes to make the language clearer, simpler, and more precise. We also noted places where the constitution referenced practices that are no longer followed and seem unnecessary – the club functions well without these practices – and have proposed deleting these practices and references. One example is that of Trail Leaders playing a role in approving bylaws. At one point, there was an active Trail Leader committee; since this isn’t the case anymore, having trail leaders mentioned by name in the constitution seems redundant and impractical.

You are asked to approve or disapprove of each of the three proposed areas of change. The board of directors recommends that all changes be approved.

Reviewing the proposed amendments

To review the proposed amendments, please follow this link: 2017 Constitutional Amendments. Clicking this link will open a PDF document with three columns:

  1. The first column contains the current text of the constitution (the constitution approved by the membership in 2005);
  2. The second column contains the proposed new text on which you will be voting; and
  3. The third column provides a rationale and explanation for the proposed change.

When there are no changes proposed to current (2005) text, the current text spans both of the first two columns.

Paragraph numbering is based on the current (2005) text. Since some of the changes involve deleting paragraphs, paragraph numbers are updated in the second column (proposed text) and this change noted in the third column.

Voting period – three weeks (voting closes June 26th, 2017)

Voting will be open from Tuesday June 6th, 2017, to Monday, June 26th, 2017. Reminder notifications will be sent periodically to encourage members to participate in this process.