2010 AGM Report

EOTB Annual General Meeting -March 27th 2010 – Busters

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Well another successful AGM and we are off to a good start for the 2010 Off-roading season. This year we held the event at Busters Restaurant in the Lincoln Fields Shopping center and they did an excellent job of hosting us.

People started rolling in by 5:30 as Craig and Carol manned the registration desk to take in the membership renewals and pass out voting ballots.

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This year Ian Selway, our Ottawa Director, stepped down and we had a vacancy to fill. We had two candidates step up for the position: Paul Dufresne who has been very active in the club as a trail leader and building GPS map sets for our trail leaders and Kevin Willey who is a past club president and long-time member. So the voting system was put into play and Paul was voted in as our new Ottawa Director.

EOTB Board of Directors for 2010-2011 are:

Chris Palko – President
Craig Jenkins – Vice-President
Norm Matte – Chief Environmental Officer
Peter Strecko – Treasurer
Carol Palko – Secretary
Paul Dufresne – Ottawa Chapter Director
Rod Etienne – Kingston Chapter Director

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As people were well into their entrĂ©e’s I welcomed them, introduced the Board of directors, and talked about upcoming club events and initiatives. One such initiative is that we have adopted a stretch of highway in Calabogie as our way of giving back to an area that supports our sport. Road clean-up events will be announced shortly.

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A big thank you goes out to our sponsors Dan and Kathy Trudel who are National4WD associate dealers in Smiths Falls. They were generous enough to let us purchase loads of recovery equipment at cost. Eight recovery straps and five winch line dampeners were among the gifts handed out. All the kids also received prizes and our gracious hosts at Busters also donated two gift baskets for us to give. Thanks also goes to one of our members, Rob Gosse, who donated a pair of Canada Mint caps.

I took this opportunity to introduce the official EOTB Oil Spill Kit that consists of a bag containing Pads that are hydrophobic so they only absorb Oil. This kit will be distributed to all trail leaders, details will be available on the website shortly.

Evan, our webmaster and adviser, stood up and spoke about the new look and features he has introduced in the website and on behalf of Paul spoke about the GPS mapping initiative. This will prove to be a valuable resource for our trail leaders. Not only will they have detailed maps of our current trail system but they will now be able to view private and environmentally sensitive areas in our off-roading region. Evan has also been a key member of the OF4WD’s mapping initiative and continues to work on that committee.

Next up was are Club Environmental Officer Norm. Carol, our Club Secretary spoke to members about our Interests Sign-up Sheet so that members could be contacted concerning the areas of interested that they choose.

Awards and trophies were then handed out:

The “Best Stuck” award was given to Jerry Dirk “For Excellence in Generously Providing the Club with Practice in Extraction Techniques”. Jerry has had a run of bad luck which ended in hydro locking his Ford.

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Markus Wisotzki walked away with the “Rookie Award” “For Excellence in Providing the Club with Limitless Energy and Enthusiasm” . Markus is far from a rookie but being the new guy he had this coming.

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“Most Improved Driver Award” went to Rob Gosse. Rob and his wife Kerry started out with an FJ then added a TJ and have now traded them all for a Rock Crawler YJ upgrade. His driving skills are good and his new ride will put them to the test (and it’s also an automatic so Kerry can drive it).

The “KOHN” Trophy went to Paul Dufresne for all the effort and enthusiasm he has poured into the club.

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Mark Woodward was awarded our new Trophy, the “Presidents Award” has been introduced to replace the badly damaged Maher Award, it carries the old trophy’s plaques and the same description “member displaying good attitude in adversity”. This still honours the old trophy and the fact Maher was a past president. Mark truly reflects the motto of this trophy and it’s not because he drives a Land Rover.

Finally the “Best Build” trophy goes to Steve Lafontaine for the work he’s put into his CJ, it is truly unique.

We had a lot of help with the AGM and I would like to thank the Board members, Linda, Kerry and Laurie for all there help to make it happen. I would also like to thank all the members for making this club what it is, it is an honour to serve you.

I look forward to seeing you on the trails.

Chris Palko, President.