Saturday April 4th, 2009 5:00 pm

This has been the second year that we have held the AGM at Marshy’s; it was a little more cramped than last year since their renovations reduced the back room space significantly. People showed up early eager to share in the door prizes and awards and more importantly see their wheel’in Buddies. Attendance was good. Members showed up with families in tow. This year also signifies the 10th anniversary of the founding of EOTB.

This year’s Board Members remained the same with a small shuffle in positions. I am deeply honored to remain as President for my 3rd year, Craig Jenkins has moved up to the Vice President switching positions with Ian Selway who is now Ottawa Director. Peter Strecko remains as Treasurer, Carol Palko, is Secretary, Norm Matte is our CEO (Chief Environmental Officer). Rodney Etienne is remaining as our Kinston Area Director. Also, not on the board of directors but still a vital contributing member, is Evan Croskery, our Web-Master, master mapper and general consultant.

Norm spoke a little on “Tread Lightly” which we as a Club support. I then introduced Dan Trudel and his family along with his Chief Mechanic Joe Craig. Dan has just opened a National 4WD in Smith Falls and was kind enough to bring a nice Optima Yellow Top as a door prize.

This year we are trying to focus on charitable events so we asked Members to bring an item for the Food Bank. A big thanks for all the contributions making this a successful food drive. Another event planned is a Poker Run for Charity, we passed a signup sheet around to form a planning committee and we have till October 3rd to organize and choose a charity. It should be lots of fun. We are also running our two Camp EOTBs and plan on doing the Lingham Lake Event again, but this time with an improved Camping location and maybe some Trail Exploration.

Awards were then handed out; it’s always tough to decide who is worthy to receive these prestigious awards 🙂


The “Kohn Trophy”, named after our past Club President Harold Kohn was awarded to Pat Quesnel for club MVP – most valuable player – the person in the club who makes an exception contribution in a given year.


The “Brent Mayer Trophy” was presented to Paul Delorme for the club member displaying good attitude in adversity.

A new award, the “Best Builder Trophy” was presented to Steve (Frosty) Brooks. Mathieu Ayotte built this trophy and it recognizes an individual that has put a lot of personal effort into his truck build.


“The Golden Jack Stand Award” was presented to Steve Lafontaine who is performing extensive modifications to his CJ. We haven�t seen his rig for most of last year and hopefully not too much of this year.


The “Photo Shutterbug Award” was presented to Ben Croskery. This keen 12 year old photographer has been churning out some exceptional photographs.


“Best Stuck Award” was presented to Pat Quesnel for generously providing the club with practice in extraction techniques for a few hours in Weir, QC last June.


“Low Range Award” was presented to Mario Frappier, that�s what you get for stacking Transfer cases in a Toyota.


The excitement really started when we began handing out Door Prizes. We had an Optima battery, T-Max Jack, Hi-Lift Jack, tow strap just to mention a few of the goodies and we also had toys for all the younger kids. A big thanks to all our generous sponsors and to Marshy’s who provided a great location, yummy food and excellent service.

It’s going to be another awesome year, see you on the Trails.

Chris Palko, President of the Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers.